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How to Choose Funeral Flowers

A funeral flower arrangement tells the family members who have lost their loved one that you care about them. (If flowers aren’t enough, please see this resource on bereavement assistance) This is a very good way to offer your condolences and sympathy. There are different types of funeral flowers to choose from.

Funeral wreath
It is a circle and has both brown and green sprigs, baby’s breath and flowers which give it that visual appeal. The types of funeral flowers used will depend on your personal preferences and what is available.

Casket flowers
These types of flowers are usually sent to the funeral home by the family members. They are very large and put on top of the casket. They can either be  live flower arrangement or silk arrangement even though the live flower arrangement is commonly used. Because these types of flowers are short notice, it will depend on the flowers available at the time of the year.

Live plants
The major advantage of having live plants is the fact that they will continue to grow for very many years to come. The family members will enjoy the beauty of the growing flowers for very many years to come. You can also choose to take small live plants home to be a reminder of your loved one.

Funeral spray
This flower arrangement sits beside the coffin. It is a very popular way of arranging flowers and adds a beautiful touch to the funeral.

Fresh flowers in a vase or basket
They can be flowers of any color or type. The common flower choices include Gladiolas, Chrysanthemums, and Carnation. The most popular color choices include red, white and yellow flowers.

Sympathy arrangement
It is often cross-shaped and sent to the church or any other religious affiliation. The cross is usually made of different types of flowers which are a solid color with a swag in the center to add a pop of color.

The type of flowers is determined by the cost, personal preference or availability. The best way is to work with a local floral designer to help you choose funeral flowers. You can also ask the funeral director about the florists in your area. If your looking for a florist in Melbourne CBD we highly recommend Wild Rose for funeral flowers.

It should not be a very hard task choosing funeral flowers. All you need to do is to decide how much you wish to spend, what you would like the floral arrangement to represent and may what type of flowers the departed might have enjoyed. You can also try to include allusions to favorite activities. If the deceased liked bird watching, for example, you can try to include an artificial bird.

 If he or she was a golf player you may try to personalize it by using a miniature golf club. If you don’t know what the deceased liked, it is a good idea to stick with the classics by choosing roses and lilies. If you doubt the color you can use just choose white since it symbolizes purity and innocence.

When choosing funeral flowers, make sure you check with the funeral home handling the arrangements. There are some funeral cemeteries and homes which do not allow glass containers to be used.  If you live far and you do not know what to select, the funeral  will direct you to a local florist who will advise you on the most popular flower arrangements in that particular  community.

When choosing the flowers you have to know the personality of the deceased. At times, people prefer to choose flowers based on gender. A woman’s condolence flowers might be a mix of pastels and soft colors. A man’s flower display will in most cases include darker colors.

Simple flowers such as daisies are a very good choice for a child’s funeral. Some florists can make funeral wreaths into shapes of children’s animals or toys. White and pink roses may also be a nice addition to a child’s addition. You can also use chrysanthemums and white lilies are also another good choice.

Floral arrangements can either be formal or informal. Formal funeral arrangements come in the shape of crosses. An informal funeral flower arrangements include the use of standing sprays, potted plants, cut flowers, casket sprays, bouquets, and baskets.

Flowers offer some relief and help lighten the mood during a funeral service. Just follow the tips above and you will never have to worry about choosing flowers for any funeral service.

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